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«You need professional support for a successful job change, otherwise there’s a big risk of hitting the rocks.»

W. W. from Aarau

«It was the programme outline and the clear structure in particular that made me choose Grass & Partner.»

C. F. from Fruence

«During the coaching process, I realised how rarely I have taken time in the past to reflect and decide what I really want.»

P. B. from St. Gallen

«I still find it fascinating what can happen to a person without them really noticing when and why»

N. G. from Trogen

«Learning how to approach finding a new direction and planning my career – that’s definitely going to help me in the future as well.»

L. C. from Gossau

«It brings clarity to the situation and takes the pressure off in your private life. That creates motivation and revives the spirit.»

U. L. from Zuzwil

«The outplacement programme with Grass & Partner helped me in many ways. It creates structure, provides important information, and the valuable tips I got from my consultant made the search for a new role much easier for me.»

P. G. from Auslikon

«Through working out what I'm looking for and what I have to offer in our sessions, I gained clarity about where the future might lead me. This allowed me to optimise my CV and adapt it to the (…) industry. Your advice and also the exit statement were a very useful aid for me. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the motivational and inspiring work we did together.»

M. G. from Meilen

«I worked on myself a lot and took steps to find out what I want next. It really feels good to have found/got the next professional role that I see myself in. Many thanks for your very helpful support and guidance, for the useful exercises and discussions that I was able to have, and the important Grass workshops I was able to attend. They have all been steps on my journey to success.»

R. M. from Aarau

«Very good, professionally conducted workshops, with lots that I could take away and also apply. All very professional, and the focus is on people. Good that you also make critical statements.»

B. S. from Buchs

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