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If a company has to dismantle a subdivision or even close the whole company, a group outplacement programme offers orientation – both for employers and employees. HR and line managers are given advance training, the social impact is softened and the people affected receive support in a difficult situation.

Group outplacement

  • Guidance for skilled employees on their way to professional reorientation in groups of 6 to 12 participants
  • From three days


  • The participants have tools at hand that provide them with efficient, goal-oriented support for analysing the job market and for focussing and realisation.


  • Who am I, what can I do, what do I want?
  • Focussing: professional application dossier, hidden and open job market
  • Realisation


  • Guidance for unskilled and semi-skilled employees in the application process


  • The employees have an up-to-date application dossier and can navigate the job market.


  • Professional application documents are drawn up together in 1:1 meetings (CV, cover letter)
  • Dealing with the open job market
  • The employees are prepared for networking and interviews in groups

Our three-year survey

The current three-year survey by Grass & Partner AG shows that the second full Corona year 2021 has also shaken the global economy with all the consequences on the job market.

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Your benefits as an employer

  • Trains and instructs HR and line managers pre-emptively or in advance of a larger downsizing measure
  • Softens the social impact in the event of a company subdivision being dismantled or a company, subsidiary or national subsidiary facing total closure
  • Offers a professional sparring partner in the areas of project development and project support, including communication concept and redundancy programme design
  • Provides the workforce with immediate support and ensures professional guidance

Personal evaluation


Goals and


Job search


Marketing strategie


the search


new start

«Who are you really? What are you really good at? Where do you really want to go? This is how we start on the path to success.»

Peter Lüthi, Branch Manager Bern/Partner

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